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 7 Years of Bobbina [HE PG-12] - amberg93

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Raistlin The Wizard

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PostSubject: 7 Years of Bobbina [HE PG-12] - amberg93   Sun Nov 03, 2013 9:53 am

Fic Title: 7 Years of Bobbina
Fandom: HE
Format: Drabbles
Genre: General
Rating: PG-12
Word Count: 700
Warnings: None
Characters: Bobbina the Purple Hippo, Elfie, Rai
Pairings: None
Status: Finished
Summary: Bobbina has had seven rad parties over the years.

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Raistlin The Wizard

Male Posts : 125
Join date : 2010-02-06
Age : 29

PostSubject: Re: 7 Years of Bobbina [HE PG-12] - amberg93   Sun Nov 03, 2013 9:53 am

Year One
Bobbina hopped down the stairs in the castle, trying to pretend that today was like any other day. But she knew that it wasn't and everyone else knew it too. She could tell from the way that they were acting that they'd known what day it was. Today was her birthday! The very first one that she'd ever had, and though she tried to act like she'd been oblivious, when she walked into the General House Common room and was covered in purple confetti, she'd been expecting it. After all, it wasn't every day a giant purple hippo turned one.

Year Two
Even though Bobbina the hippo wouldn't admit it, she was nervous when she woke up on the day of her second birthday. What if no one threw her a party this year? What if there wasn't any purple cake? What if no one even remembered? These were real concerns that plagued her. After all, a second birthday wasn't usually seen as that important. When she stepped out of bed though, she realized there was a card on the table to her from Elfie and thought it was silly to have ever doubted that her humans would take care of her.

Year Three
On her third birthday, Bobbina decided that she needed something different from the other parties that had been thrown for her. After all, she was the mascot of a very impressive website! So, somehow, she'd managed to talk the humans into an ice skating disco party. As it turned out, she wasn't good at ice skating or disco partying. However, on the plus side, no one would ever forget that party as long as they lived. How did one even attempt to forgot a hippo on ice skates trying to disco? Or a hippo on ice skates crushing almost everyone?

Year Four
After the disaster of the ice skating disco party the year before, Bobbina had a tough time trying to sell the humans on anything other than cake and ice cream for her fourth birthday. Luckily, she got some of the more daring (read: crazy) humans on her side and they all decided that turning four was the perfect time for a mini-golf party. There'd been more yelling of 'fore!' than most mini-golf games, but at least no one got crushed by an ice skating hippo. Well... almost no one, but that Rai was a quick healer. He'd be fine.

Year Five
By the fifth birthday, Bobbina could feel people losing interest in her birthday parties and that upset her. She was five now! A whole human hand! This was clearly a very big deal. They should have been more excited for her. She was excited when they got excited over their silly birthdays. They could at least return the favor. In an attempt to get the humans in a festive mood, she took purple cake and started chucking it at them. Everyone loved birthday cake! Except, apparently, when it was being thrown at them by a giant hippo. Humans were impossible.

Year Six
Rai had 'talked to her' about what she could do for her sixth birthday. Bobbina was furious. He thought he could just limit her choices like that? She was a magical purple hippo! She should have been able to do whatever she wanted for her birthday! Especially now that she was turning six. To get back at him, she picked off his 'approved list' and then threw the coolest party that HE had ever seen and she didn't invite Rai. Everyone had extra cake and she almost got kicked out forever the next day. It still was completely worth it.

Year Seven
Given that seven was a magical number, Bobbina knew this birthday was going to be the best. So much so that she'd had trouble sleeping the night before, knowing that the humans had planned a party for her. When morning finally came, she bounded down the stairs and into the Great Hall. And what did she find waiting for her? Seven purple cakes with probably close to seventy balloons and seven types of ice cream and everyone decked out in purple. Plus, there was a birthday throne and a pile of gifts bigger than herself! Seven was gonna be great.

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7 Years of Bobbina [HE PG-12] - amberg93
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